Customisation is the future of the decor industry

Times are changing and we have seen a huge increase in decor products that are being mass produced. However, the trend seems to be changing as the younger generations who are now designing their homes are extremely conscious about what they include in their space. The ecology has suffered at the hands of toxins being released from industries and mindless disposal of scraps and waste products. Not to forget, the felling of trees to fulfil the need for wood has resulted in the severe depletion of our green cover. A lot of people now are extremely conscious of these factors and are turning to hand made products that are produced at a small scale.

People are taking great care in choosing their home decor products, rather than impulsively buying off the shelves. They are keen to know more about the process and the material that has gone into the making of each piece they source. While some are more particular to pick niche decorative items for home from their travels, some others are very particular about choosing small businesses or prefer to buy from artisans themselves. Many people are passionate to do their bit to revive traditional arts and crafts while some others wish to help traditional artisans by buying from them.

Apart from this, most home owners are now keen on adding something truly unique and extraordinary to their home. Quality is preferred over quantity and instead of buying average quality products, decor enthusiasts are interested in buying niche and superior quality items from trusted sources. Many individuals wish to get products customised to suit their spaces and their decor theme. Rather than going for run off the mill designs, they want something made exclusively for them, tailored to their requirements.

Another interesting observation that one can make at this phase is the influence of global decor on the Indian homes. Many individuals are now looking to decor from around the world for inspiration. These products are extremely unique owing to many factors like climate, availability of material etc and have to be skilfully recreated for homes in the subcontinent. While one might see many international brands making an entry into the Indian market, rarely do they actually meet the demands of the Indian buyers. This is another reason why many home owners are turning towards customising their products as these aren’t easily available in a reasonable price range. Many craftsmen are now adapting themselves and learning new skills to accommodate the needs of young individuals who want extremely unique products for their abodes.

While many people are looking for niche home decor essentials, the same applies for gifting too. Many individuals prefer to gift their loved ones something unique and personalised.

Owing to this, one can see that many customers seek personalisation of the giftables that they choose for their family and friends.

After having extensively studied the needs of the people and our zeal to support local artisans, we at Chisel & Oak are driven to offer highly customised service to create one of its kind live edge products for our customers. If you’d like to work with our small but dedicated and skilled team, write to us now.

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