How to style your live edge mirror

Mirrors are an essential for every home, but did you know that when used wisely they can be one of the most versatile decorative items for home décor? Chisel & Oak offers a wide array of home décor products that you can use to make your home more elegant and sophisticated. Every option in our catalogue is carefully designed and hand crafted to offer a unique and one of its kind products made exclusively for you. If you have been eyeing our live edge mirror but are confused about how you can style it, read on- for we give you styling tips on how this versatile beauty can be used across your home and everywhere else too! It is also one of the most unique wooden gift items that you can pick for your loved ones.

Here are smart ways in which you can use the live edge mirror to spruce up your space:

  • Classic vanity addition

You can add this beautiful mirror to your dressing area or your bedroom as a classic addition to your dressing area. It is compact and great for small bedrooms or compact walk-in closets. Not only does it serve a purpose, it is also a great statement piece to add to your personal space. You can pair it with a live edge headboard and oaken shelves to create a complete live edge bedroom that uses very minimal spaces but offers great visual appeal.

  • Foyer décor

Whether you are walking out for a dinner date with a loved one or rushing out for a meeting, a mirror in the foyer is surely a saviour for you! It is a great addition to the space that also creates an illusion of space as often, foyers are compact and small in size. Similarly, the live edge mirror can also be used in the foyer or waiting area of your office to really break away from stereotypical corporate décor.

  • Hallways & corridors

These spaces are often narrow and have minimal natural ventilation of lighting. Adding the live edge mirror not only creates a focal point in an otherwise mundane space, but it also creates an illusion of space. Mirrors are one of the best ways to make a space look larger and they also enhance the lighting owing to their reflective properties.

  • Dining & recreational areas

If you are someone who is social and has a lot of guests coming over, make sure to add this stunner to your dining, bar or lounge space. This mirror is handcrafted to maintain the natural contours of wood in place, making it a sculpture in itself. Pair it with some focus lights and not only do you have a something highly utilitarian in place, but you also have a beautiful artefact in focus. A peek in the mirror ever so often never hurt, especially when you are at a social event.

We as a niche live edge décor brand are constantly striving to offer a plethora of products that are unique and elegant. They are intended to be timeless additions to your space that only age like fine wine! Every product that is churned out by Chisel & Oak is unique and exclusively made for each of our clients. The mirror can be used across your space, further making it a great deal as an investment. If you are looking for something that is elegant and brings the magic of wilderness indoors, head to our website now!

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