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Over a period of time, small businesses have been overshadowed and ultimately taken over business giants which causes a great loss to the business owners while also putting artisans and employees under a state of distress and unemployment. Local art and craft and traditional styles are slowly fading away thanks to large scale manufacturing. If you are looking for wooden furniture online, you may find a lot of large-scale manufacturers, then why shop from a small store?


The past couple of years have seen a slow and steady increase in the number of small businesses and we must all encourage the same. Here are some reasons why shopping from a small business is not only a step towards creating employment but it is also a step towards a sustainable lifestyle too:


– Many small-scale operations like ourselves employ local artisans and craftsmen who are skilled in a certain craft. These individuals are often facing unemployment and are forced to take up other jobs which results in the eventual death of their skills which they may have obtained from their ancestors.  Many indigenous crafts and arts are dying as there are no takers of the same and the craftsmen are forced to seek other ways of earning their bread. As a small business, we recognize their skills, and work with them to create unique products for you. This not only helps create employment, but it also gives us an opportunity to revive and retain many indigenous skills that would otherwise be lost to machinery and a fast-paced consumerism scenario.


– When you are looking for modern furniture online, don’t forget to check out a small business like Chisel & Oak as we are operating on a very small scale. Our intimate group of employees come together to create niche and exclusive products for you, whether you choose to customise or place an order on our website.  We do not produce on a large scale and churn out hundreds of products, but rather, each product is crafted by hand and made exclusively for every customer.  This eliminates extensive pollution and damage that large scale manufacturing units leave on our ecosystem.


– As mentioned above, every product produced by us is exclusively handcrafted and made for each client on order. As we offer live edge decor, every piece of wood is different and the end products are one of its kind with marginal repetition of designs. This gives you a product that is unique and unlike any other.


– While we have a catalogue of products that you can browse through and order, as a small business, we also leave a lot of scope for customisation.  As we work closely with our customers, you can customize your products and get something unique made right from the comfort of your home. Scouting for designers or carpenters, personally overseeing them and the constant mentoring that you would otherwise have to do is completely eliminated as our team comprises of product designers, interior designers and competent carpenters and craftsmen who will create a masterpiece for you.

–  As each product undergoes extensive scrutiny at every stage, when you shop from a small store, you can expect superior quality material and make as we personally oversee the entire process. Right from picking the raw material to creating designs with our team, we oversee the making of your order at an intimate scale which helps us achieve the best results.


– As a brand that is extremely conscious about the impact our operations have on the ecology, we are constantly striving to make the entire process as eco-friendly as possible.  Right from not cutting trees for raw material, to planting more trees on every order we get, we wish to give back more to the environment and the planet than we take from it.


Like fast fashion, shopping from large scale manufacturers for home decor or other essentials can be quick and simple but the gratification you get from shopping from a small store is unmatched. As a niche small business, we take pride in how meticulous and genuine the entire process is and we feel extreme joy to serve every individual who shops with us. It is not merely an online shopping experience but a bond with a valued customer and an enjoyable shopping experience that we strive for. So, the next time you plan to shop, before you choose the large-scale manufacturers and fast fashion, give small businesses a go. We promise to never disappoint you! 

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